President Bush is like the boy in the bubble. He is looking out through a haze, isolated, unable to comprehend much of the outside world.

He jokes with the queen, tries to empathize with tornado victims, goes about his daily routine of bike riding, all while Republicans on the Hill become more and more disenchanted. November 2008 is looming larger and larger, and they can't get through to this guy.

Some started trying to penetrate the hermetically sealed bubble with a letter opener. Now they know they need a howitzer. Soon they will recognize that this president is not coming back from over 70 percent disapproval ratings. And that the only way to save their political skins is to convince Bush to change course in Iraq.

How ironic that the one thing that Karl Rove could articulate as Bush's Brain was that they were going to usher in a permanent Republican majority. They were going to be the administration that took Congress back, took governorships back, dominated the political landscape for decades to come.

And now those Republicans who followed Bush and Rove, like Sens. Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Sam Brownback of Kansas, see their political futures evaporate before their very eyes.

The Republicans will leave this sieve of a ship faster than you can say, "Mission accomplished."