What a difference an election makes. Now, to the shock of the White House head-in-the-sand crew, members of Congress are holding them accountable on all fronts. Today, we see the family of Pat Tillman, and Jessica Lynch, and a House committee uncovering the lies and cover-up from Bush’s military. We have seen Republicans and Democrats rake Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and his aides over the coals and uncover more political incompetence.

Did the “loyal Bushies” really think that none of this was going to come to light? Did they really believe that they could keep the lid on their White House decision making? Did they really believe they could run roughshod over the Congress, as though it did not even exist?

Make no mistake: Congressional hearings make a difference, a big difference. Oversight does put the checks and balances back. It does make sure that someone has to answer to another branch of government. Sorry, Mr. Cheney, but executive authority is not absolute. You can’t abolish the Congress.

It is true that we probably won’t be impeaching Dick Cheney, as Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) would like, but we sure are making sure that he and this administration answer for their incompetence — from Iraq to Katrina, from veterans’ treatment to global warming, from ethics to Abu Ghraib, issue after issue has been grossly mismanaged.

Yes, elections matters and a lot has changed since Democrats took charge in January. For the better.