But Pat Buchanan turned me around on this story by making the case that if Chicago lost and Obama hadn't tried to win it for his adopted home city, he would have been criticized for not helping out. That it was a pitch for American jobs, jobs from the time a decision would be announced this year through 2016. Indeed, it is clearly an opportunity so rich that the king of Spain, the president of Brazil and the prime minister of Japan all saw fit to make the trip to Copenhagen as well.
Let's not forget to mention that Obama took Karl Rove's advice and met with Gen. Stanley McCrystal to discuss Afghanistan during this less-than-24-hour journey.
Obama will be criticized now for failing to win the Olympic Games for Chicago and for all of America. He did, after all, put his political capital on the line, and he failed to deliver. But even with the uproar it created, I think it was worth the try.

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