The Administration

The GOP's anti-Susan Rice jihad

a) Susan Rice is clearly qualified to be secretary of State;

b) Susan Rice is clearly not the most qualified candidate to be secretary of State;

c) these attacks against Susan Rice are among the most unfair and shameful partisan attacks in my memory — she did nothing wrong;


GOP Susan Rice letter was wrong, not racist

I think the world of Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), whom I consider one of the finest leaders in American public life. I agree with him that some comments against President Obama, including those by John Sununu, did include dog-whistle race politics. But having recently written a call on Matt Drudge to stop the race stories, I feel compelled to state that regarding the Republican letter against Susan Rice, the letter was wrong but not about race at all.

It is untrue to suggest that Susan Rice "incompetently" or "willfully" misled the American public, but these are not dog-whistle words the way Sununu slandering the president by calling him "lazy" were dog-whistle words.


Strength in unity

This isn't the first time that the state of Texas has threatened to secede from the union.

The real issue is why a state would want to pursue this course of action. Obviously, Texas and other states feel strongly that their interests are not aligned with those of the government of our nation.

In today's political environment, based on the recent presidential election results, the country is split down the middle. That should not mean that the losing half should pick up their marbles and go home.


Susan Rice: Qualified to be secretary of State

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is qualified to be secretary of State and if nominated should be confirmed. The attacks against her are grossly unfair. In my new column “Petraeus: Lessons learned,” I suggest that war and peace should never be partisan matters, that when America goes to war we should go "all in" and if we are not "all in" before the decision to wage a war, we should not wage that war. This is why I (along with many commanders in the Army and Marine Corps) advised AGAINST going to war in Iraq. Regarding Benghazi, there should be independent investigation and accountability but not witch-hunts or Watergate committees, which embody the brand of politics voters rejected in the elections of 2006, 2008 and 2012.


Let the poker game begin

The president will be getting much advice now that he’s been reelected, including from those of us who wished he’d been more aggressive during his first term, but quietly hoped and prayed nonetheless that he’d be reelected.

First thing he must do, as I suggested in this blog on Oct. 29 (“Taking a leaf from Bill Clinton's playbook”), is convene top-level businessmen, congressmen, Simpson-Bowles-Gang-of-Whatever-the-Number, and personally highlight a wise bipartisan proposal for debt reduction and tax reform and jobs expansion. Make it very public and keep the pressure on. Don’t wait for the end-of-year fiscal cliff to push for a compromise.


A job for Mitt Romney

Multimillionaire Mitt Romney clearly doesn’t need a job. He is, after all, one of the “1 percent.” But if President Obama wants to enlist his help in avoiding the fiscal cliff, he could do worse than to approach Romney about replacing Tim Geithner as Treasury secretary.

When you look at the composition of Congress, the incoming one is much the same as the outgoing one; in other words, a recipe for continued gridlock despite the suggestion from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that “we’re ready to be led.” Boehner has already ruled out new taxes, so that’s not going to encourage the markets about the chances of a deal anytime soon.


Obama can't work iPhone but claims he got intel briefings on iPad?

President Obama has acquiesced and has now agreed to received intelligence briefings in person, like President Bush and all of his predecessors, rather than reading them on his iPad, on his own.
Aside from the disturbing thought that a man with no foreign policy experience thinks he doesn't need to be briefed in person on intelligence issues that can mean the difference between life and death — as we saw earlier this month with the attacks on the American consulate in Libya — it's disturbing that Obama has had trouble operating his iPhone, yet claims to have read intel briefings on his iPad.


One nightmare after the next

The history of President Obama is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.

We no longer have a triple-A credit rating. That’s a historic first. Just last week, the United States of America received another downgrade that the media largely ignored. Egan Jones cut its rating of the United States credit from AA to AA-. Do any Democrats remember what Standard and Poor’s actually said when they downgraded us? They emphasized, not taxes on the wealthy, but reduction in spending, as gravely needed. Does the president think that this problem will magically go away? He has done nothing about this, and, sadly, I do not expect him to ever do anything about it.


Why the Chicago teachers strike matters in November

Events have overtaken the news appeal of the Chicago teachers union strike as the public’s attention has rightfully moved on to Libya, Egypt and even perhaps the Federal Reserve’s QE3 announcement.
However, the Chicago public employee strike has the potential to be as damaging to Obama’s election campaign as anything else on the news horizon.


Obama’s long-term blessing

Many people regret electing President Obama because of the realization that his policies have led to the decline of our nation. However, it is quite possible that his election is the best thing that has happened to our nation in a very long time. The consequences of such an election have served to awaken the spirit of America and have helped us realize that this is a free nation of independent people who are not driven by government policy.