The Administration

Slow jam

I was in bed last night well before the Jimmy Fallon show came on, so I had to wait until this morning before watching the president slow-jam the news.
I laughed out loud.
You got to give President Obama credit. As president, he is pretty damn funny.
Still, and I hate to be a spoilsport, but I have to ask the question: Do you really want your commander in chief to be the joker in chief?


No respect for the ‘will of the people’

President Obama was overheard telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that they needed to be patient until after the election, after which time he will have more flexibility to address the countries’ areas of disagreement.

The president in fact was saying that he had to say certain things and present a persona before the American people to win his reelection. He made it clear that after he wins the election there will be no political constraints, and he could do whatever he wants, regardless of the “will of the people.”


Connecting the dots on the JFK assassination

We are approaching the half-century anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in November 2013, and many serious students of that horrific event still doubt the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Definitive proof remains elusive, but reasonable speculations abound, and pieces of the puzzle continue to emerge.

The latest, a recent book by a retired CIA analyst, Brian Latell, Castro’s Secrets: The CIA & Cuba’s Intelligence Machine, contains “accounts of how Castro’s spies have carried out political murders, penetrated the U.S. government and generally outwitted their American counterparts,” according to a recent report in The Miami Herald. One dramatic item in the book is that Lee Harvey Oswald warned Cuban intelligence officials of his intention to kill John F. Kennedy “to prove his revolutionary credentials.” Castro knew of this, according to Latell, but did not order or control Oswald’s actions. Castro feared Kennedy was a threat to him and was “probably acting in self-defense.” These disclosures remind students of the assassination of the AP reporter who was warned by Castro shortly before the assassination that the United States’ plans threatening Castro would lead to the endangerment of the U.S. officials. Shortly before the JFK assassination, a CIA official close to the Kennedys was meeting in Paris with a former Cuban official whom the CIA had recruited to kill Castro. These new disclosures add to intelligence gathered in the almost half-century since the assassination of our popular president suggesting — without proving — that Lee Harvey Oswald might not have acted entirely alone.


The no-fault president

In the latest blame game, Obama accuses Fox News of repeatedly implying that he is a Muslim, which has negatively affected his poll numbers.

The central problem with that allegation is that no one can find a Fox News program where such allegations were made.

This is consistent with the general pattern of trying to find a scapegoat for everything that is negative, while claiming credit for anything that is positive.


Wall Street, taxes and the economy

The mainstream media is reporting that the stock market is rallying, because Wall Street insiders are encouraged and energized that President Obama will be reelected.

Come on, readers, and tell us if you know anybody on Wall Street that would buy stock because of Obama's reelection. The tax dividends on stocks will increase 300 percent if President Obama is reelected in November 2012. Why would an investor buy stock when his after-tax return is being cut from 85 percent to 55? Someone with a modicum of common sense would say the stock market is surging because they see the president losing the 2012 election.


Obama, I’ll ‘cling to my religion and guns’

President Obama is urging black voters to encourage their church congregation to support his reelection (not surprising). Why would a Christian church implore its members to support a politician whose views are antithetical to the church? Lets call the roll.
Same-sex marriage
Forcing churches to comply with contraceptives
Removal of “In God We Trust” from our currency
Not giving Christianity the same protections as Islam in government policy and free speech


What will be Obama's lasting legacy?

Would America have social security without Roosevelt? How would the world have been different if Roosevelt had not supported the allies before America’s entrance into World War II?

If Eisenhower had not begun the building of the interstate highway system in the 1950s, would the American landscape have been very different?

What if Kennedy had not called Nikita Khrushchev’s bluff over the Cuban missile crisis? Could America have tolerated Russian missiles 90 miles offshore?


Contraceptives: Most pundits are wrong about Obama, women and contraceptives

There should be and will be a compromise between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church about health regulations and contraceptives. But I disagree with my colleague A.B. Stoddard, most pundits and almost the entire commentariat class about how horrible this is for the Obama campaign.

One of the major political realities of 2012 is the overwhelming support of women for Obama and Democrats and the overwhelming opposition of women to Republicans. I had to laugh at a recent diatribe against Obama by my colleague Dick Morris that mentioned that Gingrich has a problem with the gender gap. Republicans who cheered Dick for that column will not give such an ovation to the part of his column that Dick left out. All Republicans suffer from a gender gap! In fact it is a gender canyon, a gender chasm and a gender solar system in favor of Obama and Democrats and against Republicans and conservatives.


Running a huge risk with Catholics

The political tin ear President Obama displayed in siding with the women in his administration on new healthcare regulations requiring contraception coverage for employees of church-affiliated institutions is remarkable. And though it is early in the campaign and Obama will eat crow and retreat on the issue, he won't be able to cool the heat the controversy sparked — Obama will hear about this mistake from now until Election Day. Catholics and Republicans will see to it.


JFK: The barbarian king

“What have I become?” — Nine Inch Nails

In hindsight it might be seen that the most treacherous moment, well described in David and Julie Eisenhower’s Going Home to Glory, was when Eisenhower tentatively handed over the keys to John F. Kennedy. Fifty years later the Kennedy legacy continues to descend. But what I found most revealing in Mimi Alford’s memoir of our most auspicious beginning at war’s end was in The Washington Post’s Reliable Source column. The part about the partying at Bing Crosby’s house in Palm Springs, where JFK urged her to try amyl nitrate (“I was his guinea pig”). It brought to mind the food testers in barbarian regimes hundreds, thousands of years back.