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Fire Joe Biden

Possibly because of the Obama/Hollywood fete this week with Obama yukking it up with George Clooney and the Beautiful People, I keep getting this annoying image of Joe Biden in “Apocalypse Now” with Obama as the Brando baldy Col. Kurtz, the god-king gone mad from self-idolatry and ethereal abstraction, and Biden as his coked-up scurrying sidekick (originally played by Dennis Hopper): “He (Obama/Brando/Kurtz) is not like you and I,” says Hopper/Biden, wild-eyed and arms flailing. “He reads poetry. Out loud!” T.S. Eliot, no doubt.

I cannot imagine how Obama, five points behind Mitt Romney in the current Rasmussen poll, thinks this is going to work for him. Does he really want to be president a second term or is president just resume filler and like Kurtz (and Clinton), he has greater plans ahead as a demigod?


Obama’s same-sex marriage stand is all about votes

I don’t buy the White House version about Obama’s stand on gay marriage according to which he was bounced into the announcement last night by something Vice President Biden said on Sunday.

You don’t bounce the president of the United States, particularly a lawyer like Barack Obama, into adopting a position only months from a presidential election.

On the contrary, it looks more like a carefully choreographed move. Biden laid the groundwork for the announcement by Obama on ABC News that his “evolving” position had now settled on a full-throated “personal” support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to wed.


On the announcement

In many ways, President Obama’s new position on the whole issue of gay marriage is completely irrelevant. This has largely been a state issue, and while the Justice Department decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, the president’s signature or veto is not pending on any piece of legislation produced by the Congress.
But that is not how the media played it. For them, this issue is far bigger than Social Security reform, Medicare reform, the debt limit, the largest tax increase in history (which is just around the corner) and the shocking lack of leadership from this president on a host of other issues.


Gay marriage: Politics or principles

The same-sex marriage issue and Obama's inability to have a consistent viewpoint illustrates that he is nothing more than a politician whose views fluctuate with the wind. It is obvious that this is all about politics, Vice President Biden included.

There was a vote in North Carolina that the president was hoping to affect, and failed miserably. His left-wing base are clamoring for his approval on gay marriage before they will fully commit to him. Therefore, principles have gone out of the window and politics has taken the driver’s seat.


The power of a president to change America

The president did the right thing on announcing his support for gay marriage.
This issue is still viewed by some as a wedge issue — maybe, maybe not. It remains to be seen whether it will cost the president in the upcoming election. But, as usual, he made his decision on what he believes is right.
The critics are screaming about flip-flopping (hard to believe, coming from the Mitt Romney supporters).


What has President Obama accomplished?

What has President Obama achieved once he was elected to any political office?

He was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, but never authored a law review article. He was elected to the Illinois state Senate and voted not present more than he voted. His name was not associated with any legislation during his short tenure.

He was elected to the United States Senate and served two years. During that tenure he spent more time running for the presidency than serving the people of Illinois.


Slow jam

I was in bed last night well before the Jimmy Fallon show came on, so I had to wait until this morning before watching the president slow-jam the news.
I laughed out loud.
You got to give President Obama credit. As president, he is pretty damn funny.
Still, and I hate to be a spoilsport, but I have to ask the question: Do you really want your commander in chief to be the joker in chief?


No respect for the ‘will of the people’

President Obama was overheard telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that they needed to be patient until after the election, after which time he will have more flexibility to address the countries’ areas of disagreement.

The president in fact was saying that he had to say certain things and present a persona before the American people to win his reelection. He made it clear that after he wins the election there will be no political constraints, and he could do whatever he wants, regardless of the “will of the people.”


Connecting the dots on the JFK assassination

We are approaching the half-century anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in November 2013, and many serious students of that horrific event still doubt the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Definitive proof remains elusive, but reasonable speculations abound, and pieces of the puzzle continue to emerge.

The latest, a recent book by a retired CIA analyst, Brian Latell, Castro’s Secrets: The CIA & Cuba’s Intelligence Machine, contains “accounts of how Castro’s spies have carried out political murders, penetrated the U.S. government and generally outwitted their American counterparts,” according to a recent report in The Miami Herald. One dramatic item in the book is that Lee Harvey Oswald warned Cuban intelligence officials of his intention to kill John F. Kennedy “to prove his revolutionary credentials.” Castro knew of this, according to Latell, but did not order or control Oswald’s actions. Castro feared Kennedy was a threat to him and was “probably acting in self-defense.” These disclosures remind students of the assassination of the AP reporter who was warned by Castro shortly before the assassination that the United States’ plans threatening Castro would lead to the endangerment of the U.S. officials. Shortly before the JFK assassination, a CIA official close to the Kennedys was meeting in Paris with a former Cuban official whom the CIA had recruited to kill Castro. These new disclosures add to intelligence gathered in the almost half-century since the assassination of our popular president suggesting — without proving — that Lee Harvey Oswald might not have acted entirely alone.


The no-fault president

In the latest blame game, Obama accuses Fox News of repeatedly implying that he is a Muslim, which has negatively affected his poll numbers.

The central problem with that allegation is that no one can find a Fox News program where such allegations were made.

This is consistent with the general pattern of trying to find a scapegoat for everything that is negative, while claiming credit for anything that is positive.