If the Supreme Court doesn't reject Affordable Healthcare we are lost as a nation. Not rejecting it would indicate that the highest judicial branch in our land has been overtaken by political ideology that actively seeks to shred the Constitution as it clamors to force bigger and bigger government upon Americans.

In recent years, the appointing of judges — and especially Supreme Court justices — has had a decidedly political bent as each party tries to stack the deck in favor of their agenda. When our government was formed the judicial branch, and specifically the Supreme Court, was deliberately designed to be the guardian of our most sacred document, the Constitution. Today, federal courts at every level have repeatedly departed from that proper and noble role of deciding cases “under law” and instead recklessly charge ahead as self-declared re-drafters of the Constitution.

The thought of presidents trying to stack the court with lawyers who value their personal policy preferences and ideas of convenience over the Constitution and liberties of Americans would have been repugnant to the Founders of our nation. In fact, if we believe in the principles that founded this nation, we should also be repulsed by this trend.