Not wanting to spread any “tinfoil hat conspiracy theories” the author, a regular at Huffington Post, checked with a source at BP, asking him: “There's talk that there's a giant methane gas bubble waiting to explode and start a volcano and earthquakes in the Gulf. What's your take?”

“There is no huge gas volcano ready to come forth,” he was told by the BP source. “It's true that this well is 40 percent gas by volume, and that the average is 5 percent, but that's just more doomsday crap from conspiracy nuts.”

Good to know. Because those conspiracy nuts are everywhere with that doomsday crap

End-of-the-world scenarios were prominent liberal reactions to the George W. Bush presidency and the stressful war on Iraq. Now Obama gets them from his own crowd. These are leadership issues, symptoms of disintegration policy or lack entirely of policy. It is unraveling.

Maybe we are just missing something here. A king or a queen or something.

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