Both sides of the aisle like to talk up how much they “love the troops” more than the other side, but yesterday was a perfect example of how politicians prefer political one-upmanship to learning about the needs and plans for the future of our armed forces.

Gen. James Amos, the new commandant of the Marine Corps, spent the day answering senators' questions about gays in the military rather than more pressing questions like: how he will lead the Marines? What will the Marines’ role be post-Iraq and -Afghanistan? How will he handle the transition back to the service’s traditional seaborne role?

It just tells you how screwed up both parties are that they would rather try to score political points than properly do their job. Regardless of the policy debate, we can count on the Marines to do their duty. You know, Congress could learn a lot from the Marines about following orders (the will of the people) and doing their job (quit posturing and start working to find real, practical solutions to real problems).

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