They say bad things happen in threes. If that’s true, then the third incident of nannyism occurred over the weekend.

First there was the odd and sad case of a citizen whose house was allowed to burn down as firefighters stood around with their hands in their pockets because the homeowner failed to pay a $75 “fire tax.” Then came the sacking of journalist Juan Williams by “thought police” NPR for his candid (and true) views on how Americans feel when boarding planes.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Dwayne Hammond, the proud American who loves his son and the country he fights for, whose only “crime” was he was wearing a shirt declaring that devotion. And he lost his job over it.

No, Mr. Hammond didn’t say or do anything outrageous on national television. He was simply tending to his business setting up a stage at USC in California for an upcoming Obama rally when he was singled out for his attire and summarily let go.

The infraction that led to his termination? He was wearing a Bush T-shirt. Or so claims the union that employed Hammond. Apparently, no union worker worth his salt would ever be caught dead heralding a “Bush.”

But once again, these knee-jerk liberals got it wrong.

It turns out Hammond was wearing a sweatshirt and hat that touted the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier — the same ship his son serves on.

Hammond’s reply, “You know what, this is ridiculous. My son's been in the Navy for three years; he's serving proudly.”

Ridiculous indeed. Is the left so obsessed with pinning the blame of its failed policies on anyone but Obama that it foams uncontrollably at the mouth and seeks to “cleanse” any who dares to acknowledge a GOP president? Is this the new Obama jobs plan — fire anyone who looks like a conservative, or chooses to fraternize with one, and give the job to a Democrat supporter?

And Democrats wonder why they’re going to lose so many seats next week …

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