Let me first commend to everyone's attention the excellent and important piece in The Hill by Emmanuel Touhey about the excellent work being done by programs that support veterans and, above all, the need for every vet to take full advantage of these programs.

Touhey’s piece features the contribution and views of Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), an American hero who was instrumental in the passage of the latest GI bill, and the vital work of the Pat Tillman Foundation, named after another great American hero of our generation. The foundation makes an enormous contribution to education for vets who return home.

To those who read this, I would urge you to send The Hill's piece about the Tillman Foundation to any and all military families and veterans you might know to make them more aware of the government and foundation programs now available to vets. Many vets do take advantage of these excellent programs, and the more who do, the better it is for the vets and the nation.

I was a strong advocate for Sen. Webb when he first ran for the Senate. He will be deeply missed in the next Congress. And words cannot fully express my admiration for Pat Tillman and the incredibly wonderful work his family and others are doing in this name, to help those who were part of Pat Tillman's band of brothers and sisters.