While Cheney parades to the media virtually every day attacking President Obama for trying to think through the right course in Afghanistan, lets review the record:

It was President George W. Bush, and Cheney, who allowed Osama bin Laden to escape from Tora Bora and continue to plan more attacks against the U.S. that Cheney today tries to exploit politically.

It was Cheney who lusted for war in Iraq and supported the diversion of military, manpower and money out of Afghanistan. We had won that war, before Cheney worked his charms to send the cavalry elsewhere, creating our problems today.

It was Cheney who chose to bear false witness about intelligence in Iraq, to fighten the nation to a war we should not have fought, which destroyed our victory in the war we had already won, which now plagues our nation in Afghanistan.

It was Cheney who declared his own holy war against those who told the truth and who treated the identities of intelligence officers as petty case for his hunger for war, who fought for the disclosure of cover officers identies which makes Cheney a hated man among many courageous people who risk their lives for our country behind enemy lines.

When troops died preventable deaths, sent to war without body armor or humvees, where was Dick Cheney and why was he not fighting to get the troops the body armor and humvees they desperately needed?

Here's why: Cheney wanted tax cuts for the wealthy more than body armor and humvees for the troops, which is why Bush and Cheney turned huge budget surpluses into huge budget deficits, which he now conveniently attacks, and which is why our troops did not get the armor and humvees they needed, which he now conveniently forgets.

If only Dick Cheney would find as much time and show as much interest fighting for more treatment for post-traumatic stress, more equipment to protect the lives of our troops, more support for veterans health care, more assistance to hard hit military families, what a better world it would be!

Isn't it strange that today, while Cheney bangs his drums for war, he is silent about asking Americans to sacrifice for it? Cheney likes wars that others fight, without fighting to get those who fight the wars what they need. Cheney likes wars where our troops will be greeted with fictitious flowers and candy, and when they aren't, he bears false witness about why, and launches partisan attacks against those who warned, and were proven right.

There should be some form of war surtax, not for political reasons, not for ideological reasons and not for partisan reasons but because, when we send our troops to war, whether we support the war or not, we should give our troops what they need, and deserve, for risking their lives for our country.

I do not expect Dick Cheney to support a war surtax. No, he will support more tax cuts for the wealthy because learns nothing from his mistakes, and cares far less about getting our troops what they need than launching cheap shot partisan attacks.

We will have different viewpoints about the policies that President Obama announces next week, but we should all be thankful that he has learned from Cheney's mistakes, even if Cheney has not.

Whatever we do, lets make sure we get our troops and military families everything they need, with or without help from the man who likes war far too much, and fights for soldiers much too little.