For the entire duration of President George W. Bush’s administration, Democrats and the media excoriated the Texan commander in chief, questioning his every move, not to mention his very intentions. When he proffered his rationale, they mocked both it and him. To Democrats in their campaign mode, this was a black-and-white issue — Iraq was forever known as the “bad war,” while Afghanistan was clearly viewed as the “good war” — one in which America belonged and where our energies should have been focused all along.

Ahh, what a difference an election makes; and what a difference when the campaigner becomes the commander. After ridiculing his predecessor as too quick on the draw, we now have someone in the Oval Office not so eager to assume the mantle of the “Decider.” 

But rest assured, Mr. and Mrs. America. President Obama has some solid reasons for extending and even enhancing the U.S.’s role in that part of the world. Unnamed White House insiders this past weekend offered the following reasons to help grease the skids for Obama’s major policy address Tuesday night. Briefly, they are: 

1) Make no mistake, this is a war against al Qaeda and its sinister forces; 

2) Afghanistan is a hotbed of terrorism, and we must meet the enemy there, on our terms; and 

3) The costs of this war are well worth the sacrifice to ensure the peace and stability of the region and defeat an enemy that wears no uniform nor abides by any military code.

Refreshing, isn’t it? Marvelous in its design, yet so simple in concept; Eisenhower himself would be proud. They almost sound … like … wait! They are! They are nearly the identical reasons Bush gave just six short years ago for an American presence in Iraq. Oh sure, they’ll be wrapped in more Obama-esque prose, but this is our sitting president’s rationale for remaining in Afghanistan.

The point here, folks, is not to compare Bush to Obama. The two are worlds apart in their thinking and policies. But when it comes to battling and beating terrorism, there really is only one strategy — kill the bad guys, no matter where they are. Bush understood that. Obama played politics with his every move. And when he stands at the podium Tuesday night and recites the above reasons in some hybrid fashion, that little glint in his smile won’t be one of smooth confidence. Rather, it will be a wry sense of irony that has brought him full circle to this moment.

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