The House has already voted to exempt auto dealers in its bill. Now 60 senators have voted in a nonbinding resolution to take away consumer protection from our troops and military families by giving a special exemption to auto dealers. The president opposes this exemption. The Defense Department opposes it. A long list of groups representing troops, vets and families oppose it.

This is a disgrace, bought and paid for by campaign donations to Democrats and Republicans who support this shameful special-interest exemption.

The auto dealers say, and they are correct, that the abuses against active-duty troops and military families are committed by a minority of auto dealers, most of whom are patriotic and honest.

The auto dealers also say, and in this they are obviously wrong, that existing laws protect our heroic troops and patriotic military families from the minority of auto dealers who are unethical, unpatriotic and unscrupulous. Current law does not protect them. Abuses continue today.

Here is the number of abuses against active-duty troops and military families that we should tolerate today: none. Zero.

Technically the Senate financial bill does not exempt auto dealers and the nonbinding resolution passed by 60 senators should be ignored by the conference committee.

It is a disgrace that this exemption passed at all.

It is a dishonor to allow any man or woman serving our country, and risking his or her life for our country, to be cheated by anyone at home.

It is ridiculous that this insult is done as Memorial Day weekend approaches.

I stand with the president, with the Department of Defense and with a long list of groups that stand up for our veterans, our troops and our military families in opposing this shameful exemption and calling for the conference committee that will draft the final financial bill to stand with those who serve, and against those who rip them off.