Leave it to the vets to rise above the small politics of the moment and remind us about what is important. I saw clips of the Honor Flight moment and clapped my hands as I watched them on television. My father served at Bastogne, Belgium, and if he were here today, he would have been storming past the barricades with them.

I am very familiar with the Honor Flight people. They are a tremendous group, and if anyone is looking for a patriotic holiday gift, I would bring the Honor Flight Network to people's attention. 

Several summers ago I was at the WWII Memorial when Bob Dole was present, as he often is. I saw a group of Honor Flight people and chatted with them for a few moments, alerting them that former Sen. Dole (R-Kan.) was present and walking them over to say hello. The scene that followed looked like Mick Jagger at a Rolling Stones concert.

I thank Cheri for her wonderful post, and wish her Uncle Bud and all the vets well!