Many D.C. residents are breathing a sigh of relief now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the city’s longstanding handgun ban. Finally, we are free to protect ourselves from the tyranny of crime!!!

Some of us can’t wait to begin the process of taking our homes back from the thugs and murderers who terrorized the city for years without repudiation. However, D.C.’s proposed regulations, while allowing residents to keep registered handguns in their homes, nonetheless contain restrictions that will keep them from using them for their intended purpose.

Incredibly, the regulations stipulate that the guns have to be kept disassembled and unloaded when not being used. What is the point of having a gun for self-protection when you’ll already be dead and gone by the time you get a chance to use it in self-defense?

Not only does D.C.’s proposed law run afoul of the Supreme Court’s decision, it runs afoul of common sense. It’s akin to legalizing cars but outlawing fuel.

It is preposterous to believe that the majority of residents who will keep handguns in their homes will store them disassembled and unloaded. The D.C. government has to know that a court challenge will likely result in the repeal of this provision. But that could take months, and in the meantime D.C.’s political posturing would be putting residents at increased risk.

The law will unfairly burden legitimate gun owners with potential criminal liability in the event of an accident. Not to mention the fact that it will continue to give criminals all the time they need time to draw, aim and fire.

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