Who’s responsible?

The Secret Service, most of all. It’s their job to protect our president. And they didn’t do it. The agent who discovered that the Salahis’ names were not on the list, but waved them in anyway, should be fired.

The White House Social Affairs Office gets part of the blame, too. They should have assigned a staff member, familiar with the guest list, alongside every Secret Service officer — as was done in the past. Why didn’t they? Somebody’s head should roll.

And Tareq and Michaele Salahi themselves, who decided it would be a fun prank to crash the party — just to increase their chances of getting their own television reality show. This is not fun and games. They should be charged with trespassing and endangering the life of the president.

This is a very serious matter and a breach of security that must be remedied. Americans need to have confidence that our president is safe everywhere — but especially inside the White House.

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