From The Denver Post — Originally published Sunday, March 22

... Democrats and the White House should drop any notion of using "reconciliation" ... when dealing with landmark measures such as health care reform.

Reconciliation, rarely used for significant legislation, allows the Senate to pass a bill with a simple majority vote of 51-49 instead of needing the 60 votes to avoid a filibuster.

... Democrats fill 56 seats in the Senate and usually enjoy the support of two Independents. By using reconciliation, they could pass bills with zero Republican support, and even without support of several moderate and fiscally conservative Democrats in the chamber. ...

The threatened tactic was invented to help quickly trim budget deficits. President George W. Bush used it to extend short-term tax cuts. Democrats used it in 2007 to cut subsidies to some student loan providers.

... We understand the Democrats' passion to advance their goals. But we think that anything so mighty and lasting as health-care reform needs significant bipartisan investment and a healthy debate. ...

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