From The Des Moines (Iowa) Register — Originally published Tuesday, Feb. 10

No legislation is perfect. Congress is hammering out the details of an $800 billion-plus economic-stimulus package that has flaws. But the stimulus isn't the monstrosity some opponents are trying to make it out to be.

In fact, it is largely right-minded, seeking to create jobs, help the unemployed, provide aid to states and invest in infrastructure. ...

Though legitimate concerns deserve airing, some criticism seems more about scoring political points than about providing practical help for the country.

For example, some Republicans continue to call for more tax cuts. Such cuts do less to stimulate economic activity than direct government spending on needs such as unemployment benefits and infrastructure. ...

And there are those lawmakers who are expressing concerns about the cost of the stimulus for future generations. That's a genuine worry, but feels disingenuous when these lawmakers have agreed to allow grandchildren to pay for, among many other things, the Iraq war.

... The alternative — doing nothing or too little or delaying help for Americans — is simply not an option.