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Clinton wades into healthcare debate

It's early in the presidential election cycle, even for a Clinton. So Hillary Clinton's choice to come out in support of the Affordable Care Act this week was notable.


Rob Portman in 2016?

Ohioans are used to being called to American governance. Ohio is called “the Cradle of Presidents” because from the end of the Colonial period to the rise of war in Europe, a rash of presidents came from Ohio, bringing stability to the fledgling heartland.


Obama and the Dalai Lama: China rising

You notice it right away. In President Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama, the setting is different. There is a little table between them and the chairs are smaller. It is a tiny table, barely a table at all, as if to convey to the Chinese that nothing will be on the table.


The left's collateral damage/political advantage

If President Obama has his way on increasing the nation’s minimum wage, 500,000 Americans will see their wages cut to zero, their jobs eliminated by this feel-good government mandate, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


A privileged few

As a member of the Supreme Court bar, I can go to any argument or decision day and observe American history happen. So can a few hundred citizens who stand in line for the few seats parceled out. Why just us? Is there a good reason?