Feds settle fake fur charges with Neiman Marcus, other retailers

In addition, the regulators allege that the companies did not properly identify the kinds of animal that produced the fur and claimed that Neiman Marcus improperly labeled some fur items. The department store misrepresented the type of fur in a designer jacket, a line of women’s shoes and a coat in stores, online and in mailed ads, federal officials claimed. 

Eminent Inc., which does business as Revolve Clothing, was the third party in the settlement.

The retailers will not need to pay any monetary penalty under the terms of the settlement order, but they will be prohibited from misrepresenting fur products for 20 years.

The FTC claims that some companies misleadingly sell fur marketed as faux to appeal to consumers who might want to avoid real animal hair.

By deceptively marketing the products in their clothing, the three companies violated the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Fur Products Labeling Act.