Feds take down deceptive bed bug treatment firm

Federal regulators are cracking down on schemes that falsely promise to treat and prevent infestations of bed bugs and head lice.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has agreed to a settlement with companies controlled by Dave Glassel, including Chemical Free Solutions, that will result in a $4.6 million judgment.

The FTC alleges that in its advertisements the company claimed its BEST Yet! Line of cedar oil-based products were invented for the U.S. Army, declared the top brand of bio-based insect killers by the Agriculture Department and that the Environmental Protection Agency had warned against using chemicals to treat bed bugs, none of which were true.


MLB, feds celebrate improvements toward shatter-proof bats

A partnership between the federal government and the professional baseball industry has created bats that shatter half as often than they did in 2008.

For the last five years, the U.S. Forest Service has worked with Major League Baseball (MLB) to develop bats made out of maple wood that are less prone to break when sluggers use them at the plate.


Rules issued in revision of Cold-War-era export policy

The Obama administration has completed the second phase of the nation’s largest ever overhaul of federal export control regulations.

The State and Commerce departments released a second set of regulations Wednesday as part of the years-long effort to update Cold War-era requirements that hamper exports of thousands items that are designated as sensitive on federal control lists. 


Largest debt collection firm pays record penalty

The world's largest debt-collection operation has agreed to pay a record $3.2 million penalty for using invasive tactics that harassed consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday unveiled the settlement agreement with Expert Global Solutions and its subsidiaries, the largest ever obtained by the agency against a third-party debt-collection company.