Industry groups decry federal government’s growing reach

Representatives from the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors complained Thursday about an ever-growing set of federal rules that they say is smothering the economic recovery.

“We don’t add new regulations and subtract old ones — we tend to build over time,” said Rosario Palmieri, who oversees regulatory policy for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). “Regulations continue to accumulate.”


Survey: Federal export rules too complex for small businesses

Exports from small businesses are up, but federal agencies are still making it hard for companies to send their products overseas, according to a new study.

The National Small Business Association's survey of exporters found that while exports have increased from three years ago, the difficulty of understanding federal rules is posing a barrier to more international sales. 

According to the organization, "one overarching theme throughout the survey was the broad agreement that the U.S. system and assistance can be overly complex."


Regulators charge Revlon with misleading investors

Cosmetics manufacturer Revlon broke the law by denying shareholders important information involving its “going private” transaction.

The makeup maker has agreed to pay an $850,000 penalty to settle the accusations, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced Thursday.


FTC allows rocket engine manufacturer sale, despite concerns

Federal regulators are granting deference to the Defense Department and allowing the parent company of one rocket engine manufacturer to purchase its main rival, despite worries that it could be setting up a monopoly.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Monday announced that it had unanimously voted to close its ten-month investigation and allow the corporate sale to continue, after the Pentagon expressed that national security risks could arise from the transaction being blocked


News bites: Slow progress on JOBS Act regs

More than a year has passed since Congress approved legislation aimed at helping small businesses raise capital, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has yet to finalize a set of rules required by the law, RegWatch reports.

Un-regulated e-cigarettes could be attracting federal scrutiny, but they’re also attracting investors, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A Bloomberg lawsuit against the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was dismissed, clearing the way for new regulations for the swaps market, Reuters reports.

Proponents of animal rights are pressing regulators to restrict apes from commercial and research activities, according to RegWatch.

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Industry slams draft beef regulation

Beef labeling regulations proposed Thursday by the Agriculture Department would mislead consumers, a leading industry group contends.

The draft rule would require labels of beef products that had been mechanically tenderized, a method involving the use of a blade or needle to break apart muscle fibers.


News bites: Obama to crack down on ‘patent trolls’

President Obama on Tuesday is expected to announce a set of executive actions aimed at reining in certain patent-holding firms, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Financial Stability Oversight Council took a bold step in proposing to label at least three nonbank financial firms as “systemically important,” RegWatch reports.

The move was one of two major regulatory actions expected this week, as securities regulators plan to propose new requirements for the money-market industry, according to the Journal.

Connecticut has become the first state to approve mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods, The New York Times reports. The action comes at a pivotal moment in the fight over increased regulations on the use of genetically engineered crops and food, according to RegWatch.