Industry to EPA: Pull back “reckless” gas sulfur regs

“EPA is a regulatory agency. Issuing rules is its job,” Greco said.  “But its formula for deciding on new regulations has become disconnected from common sense and sound science.”

Announced in March, the proposed rule is meant to reduce smog, soot and toxic pollution by requiring refiners to lower sulfur content of gasoline by more than 60 percent to 10 parts per million by 2017.

“Few other national strategies exist that would deliver the same magnitude of multi-pollutant reductions projected to result from the proposed Tier 3 standards,” the EPA contends in its proposal.

The EPA estimates more than 158 million Americans currently experience unhealthy levels of air pollution, which is linked to respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and has identified motor vehicles as a major source of the problem.

But API points to research suggesting that the regulations would do little to improve air pollution. At the same time, they would cost refiners close to $10 billion, the group argues.