Pawlenty calls women's pay gap 'very, very concerning'

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) is calling on lawmakers to "shatter" the so-called "glass ceiling" that many believe prevents women from earning as much money as men in their careers.

"I'm the father of two daughters, and I want them to fully see and embrace the American dream," Pawlenty said Thursday. "So we all need to work on making sure there isn't a glass ceiling, and if there is one, we need to make sure it's busted, broken, shattered."


HP to pay $108 million over bribery charges

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard will pay more than $108 million to settle federal charges that its foreign subsidiaries used millions of dollars for bribes, slush funds and secret deals in order to secure government contracts.

The schemes involved fraud, expensive gifts and cash bribes in Mexico, Poland and Russia, according to charges from the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission released on Wednesday.


Senate Dems target credit report mistakes

Senate Democrats hope to crack down on credit reporting agencies that leave consumers on the hook for costly reporting errors.

The senators introduced the Stop Errors in Credit Use and Reporting Act on Wednesday to protect consumers from inaccurate credit reports and make it easier for them to correct and dispute any mistakes.