New regs for Wednesday: EPA switching coal standards

Environment regulators are switching out one set of draft rules for another, and financial agencies are unveiling amendments for some of their rules.  

Here’s what’s happening in Wednesday’s edition of the Federal Register:

Environment: The Environmental Protection Agency is withdrawing a 2012 proposal that would set emission standards for some electric units that burn coal and other fossil fuels. The agency is replacing it with a new proposal.

According to the EPA, the new draft regulations are based on different analyses and include “significantly” different requirements.

The agency received more than 2.5 million comments on the original proposed rules.

Finance: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is asking the public to comment on a staff advisory issued in November.

The advisory tries to determine whether regulations for some U.S. swaps dealers should also apply to foreign traders. 

Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission is adopting amendments to its rules on credit ratings.

Veterans: The Department of Veterans Affairs is adopting an interim regulation allowing it to waive requirements for some care facilities. 

The department is also getting rid of an “outdated regulation” that imposed a penalty for missing two medical appointments without 24 hours’ notice. 

Small businesses:  The Small Business Administration wants to amend two policy directives on innovation and technology transfer in response to public comments.

Wildlife: The Fish and Wildlife Service is designating protected critical habitat in Florida for the Cape Sable thoroughworta type of protected plant.

Medicare: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is looking to revise the Medicare Advantage program for contract year 2015 to strengthen protections and improve payment accuracy.