Vitter chided over ‘Obama phone’ attack

Former Gen. Wesley Clark was speaking before the committee about the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, but Vitter instead decided to press him on work he's done to promote the subsidized phone program. 

"We are not going to attack panelists on other issues. Period, end of quote,” Sen. Barbara Boxer said. “If you want to do it, have a press conference.”


Shuster: Air calls would cause 'a lot of chaos'

The sponsor of a bill in the House to ban airlines from allowing passengers to talk on their cellphones during flights said he was offering the legislation because in-flight phone calls would cause "a lot of chaos" on airplanes.

Appearing on Fox Business Network's "Money" show, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) said he was in favor of allowing passengers to use other electronic devices, including their cellphones in data mode.


FCC delays spectrum auction till 2015

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced Friday that his agency won't hold its auction of airwave licenses until the middle of 2015.

The commission had originally planned for a 2014 auction of spectrum — the frequencies that carry wireless signals. 

But in a blog post Friday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote that it is critical the agency avoid any technical glitches.