Objects ruled out as missing plane debris

A group of objects that were believed to be related to the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines' Flight 370 were ruled out as a debris from the vanished plane, officials with the airline said Monday.

Officials from countries such as Australia, France, China and Thailand each identified satellite images of objects in the Indian Ocean they believed could be related to the Malaysia Air flight, which has been missing and presumed-crashed since March 8.

Malaysia Air officials said Monday that five objects were pulled from the water and turned out not to be related to the vanished airplane.


Plane search area ‘refined’

The search for the Malaysia Airlines flight that has been missing for three weeks has been moved almost 700 miles based on data showing the jet was traveling faster than investigators initially believed, officials with the company said Friday.

The revelation that the missing plane was traveling faster than previously expected meant it could not have flown as far as investigators initially believed because it would have been using more gas, the airline said.

Malaysia Air said the information was gleamed during a re-examination of information that had been previously available to investigators who are involved in the multi-national search for the missing plane. 


More leads in jet search, still no plane

Thailand officials said they have identified 300 objects in satellite images of the Indian Ocean that could be related to the disappearance for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, according a report from The Associated Press. 

The search for the jetliner is nearing the three-week mark as investigators are combing choppy waters in the southern Indian Ocean for remnants of the plane, which was carrying 239 passengers at the time of disappearance.