Report: LAX police went on break before shooting

Police officers at the Los Angeles International Airport went on break before a fatal shooting of a Transportation Security Administration agent last year, according to a Fox News report.

The airport policemen, who are armed unlike TSA agents, left their stations for breaks without notifying their supervisors, according to the report.


Sen. Paul invokes TSA in budget deal opposition

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) invoked the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) controversial pat-down hand searches in his opposition to the budget deal announced Tuesday. 

Paul tweeted a picture of a TSA agent searching an airline passage with the message: "In the Ryan-Murray budget 'deal' you will now have to pay more for THIS.


TSA confiscates toy gun

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confiscated a toy gun that was part of a sock monkey, NBC News reports.

The agency said the toy gun, which was being carried by a passenger at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, was too realistic, according to the report.


Week ahead: Merger finalized

After a nearly year-long quest, US Airways and American Airlines will finalize their merger this week.

The companies, which first announced their plans to combine in February, are expected to make it official on Dec. 9. 


Airlines to Congress: 'No new air taxes'

Airlines are seeking to rally opposition to a potential increase in the airline ticket fees that pay for the Transportation Security Administration.  

The Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group Airlines For America (A4A) is conducting a "Stop Air Tax Now" campaign to oppose a rumored increase in the security fee from $2.50 per trip to $5 on airline tickets to raise revenue for a broader government funding deal.