Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tweeted “a few thoughts” about Russian foreign policy Monday morning following a meeting with ambassadors at the foreign ministry.

The series of tweets listed the Kremlin’s goals for modernization, curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and “tackling global challenges on par with other leading economies.” 

The tweets also made indirect reference to the arrest and deportation of spies allegedly working for the Russian military:

Despite everything our relations with the US are very good, but we shouldn’t miss a chance to make them even stronger.

The main thing is that Russia and the US realise that sustained development rather than weapons or spy games underlies national security.

The Cold War is becoming a thing of the past, but we still need to get rid of a few lingering prejudices

Medvedev and President Barack Obama have not openly communicated about the spies’ arrest. A Fourth of July letter from the Kremlin to the White House did not mention the situation.

Medvedev created his Twitter account on June 23 during a visit to the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters.