Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who attended Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally on Aug. 28, is ready to see it satirized.

Or so he said on Twitter Wednesday, referring to a campaign to organize a "Restoring Truthiness" rally at the Lincoln Memorial with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert as the host.

"Restoring Truthiness! Count me in. I went to Glenn Beck's rally. Colbert, let me know when yours is…" Chaffetz tweeted.

He later suggested that his district in Utah play host to the event.

The idea for the Colbert rally arose online, where it picked up speed this week as a website and a Facebook page.

"Restoring Truthiness is a true grassroots movement propelled by YOU, the citizens of the internetz. Our goal is simple: Petition Stephen Colbert to hold a Restoring Truthiness Rally for the American people," the site reads.

Colbert, who lampoons conservative TV hosts like Beck on his show, has not yet commented on the idea. The event is proposed for Oct. 10, or 10-10-10.