Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) demurred on questions Friday about pop icon Lady Gaga's recent tweets blasting him for allegedly planning to filibuster a vote next week on a defense authorization bill that would repeal "Don't ask, don't tell."

"I'm glad she's paying attention," McCain told KFYI Phoenix. "I hope she'll continue to pay attention, and to watch the debates on the Senate floor, and understand that this is a pure political ploy on the part of [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid and Democrats who see their majority slipping away."

"They're politicizing national security. People like Lady Gaga need to understand that the military is a unique institution," he added. 

Lady Gaga released a flurry of tweets Thursday night regarding's McCain's position.

"SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN is attempting to stop the DON'T ASK DON'T TELL repeal vote this tuesday, with a filibuster," she said. "A Filibuster is a way to obstruct the Senate Floor from discussing or voting on a given LAW, + is essentially a tactic to hijack our debate. All hands on deck Lil Monsters: Key senate vote this Tues. on #DADT repeal. We need 60 senators. Call your senator now."

The noted performer's push to support the repeal began this week with calls for her fans to contact Reid, and later, other senators.

When the KFYI host suggested Friday that Lady Gaga fans may call into the station to hold McCain's "feet to the fire," McCain responded with sarcasm.

"Oh, really makes me nervous that my feet could be in the fire. Oh no ..." he said, laughing. 

He continued on a more serious note.

"Gaga fans, all fans, whoever you are: get involved in this debate. It's an important one. We welcome it. Young people, everybody."