House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made a personal appeal to female voters on Twitter Friday with an interview with Moms Rising, a nonprofit that advocates for maternity and paternity leave, flex-time and other family-related issues. 

"Thank u 4 standing up 4 PaycheckFairnessAct. How can we push Senate? Wmn need this," said user @LisaMaatz.

"Sen. Reid said Paycheck Fairness will come up when Congress returns. Women will win when this bill is signed," Pelosi replied

Topics of discussion included the Healthy Families Act, unemployment benefits, paid family leave and Pelosi's own experience in politics.

"If we were in the Members only women's bathroom in Congress, what would we overhear?" @MomsRising asked at one point.

"'Can I borrow your brush?'" Pelosi said.

Another user asked what memory from motherhood inspired the Speaker the most in her career.

"When I asked my daughter if I should run for Congress, she told me to get a life — making me laugh & motivated!" she responded.

The interview, conducted on Twitter, went back and forth between Pelosi at her account (@SpeakerPelosi) and @MomsRising, which moderated by retweeting questions from interested followers.

Ahead of the chat, Pelosi posted a Yfrog photo (below) of herself with her iPad, preparing to answer questions.