Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), whose love for University of Missouri football is on full display this season, has found a few naysayers in NBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd, who apparently slighted the Tigers on the air after their big win on Saturday.

On Tuesday, according to McCaskill, they made it right.

"Didn't get chance to watch but hear @JoeNBC and @chucktodd finally gave Mizzou some love on [NBC's] MorninJoe," she said, noting that she had sent them an e-mail "about the diss." 

Joe Scarborough replied about an hour later.

"@clairecmc We had no choice, Senator. You put the Mizzou gun to our heads." he tweeted.

Over the weekend, both Scarborough and Todd had commented on Twitter about the Tigers's big win against Oklahoma. 

"I never expected Mizzou to play this well. Chaos at the top of college football. Alabama, OSU and Oklahoma. Is Oregon next?" Scarborough said Saturday. "The Hook and Latter? Wow. Wild night in Mizzou!"

Todd followed up on Sunday.

"Watch 'media bias' on Mizzou this week, after Syracuse and Northwestern, Mizzou alum have HUGE news room reach," he said.

McCaskill responded to both later that day. 

"@JoeNBC@ChuckTodd OK guys. Time to show Mizzou some repect. Right? Chuck I'm sure the Tigers will get a shout out on [MSNBC's Daily] Rundown on Monday."