Don't expect funny business from Paul Ryan on Twitter any time soon.

The Wisconsin GOPer, who will chair the House Budget Committee in the new Congress, described his approach to his feed at a town hall Monday.

"I don't do the bizarre 'I had a banana for breakfast this morning' tweets," he said, prompting laughter in the crowd. "I put out 'This is an interesting article to read,' 'This is something I think you ought to take a look at.'"

"I have a brilliant 20-something woman who helps me with this. Sometimes it's a busy day, so I'll send her e-mails all the time — 'tweet this,' 'tweet that.'"

Ryan wasn't the only GOP "Young Gun" to admit taking Twitter help from younger staffers. Incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) and Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) said they have young staff members who help out, too.

"The tweeting comes from several 20-somethings," Cantor said, laughing. "I will say this: I was a tweeter. And in fact was on a [indistinguishable] tweeting, and was admonished for tweeting."

McCarthy also said he handles his own Facebook.

The House GOP is known for its social media prowess. Watch the exchange, which took place at American University, here