Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., has been atwitter about his city's efforts to clear away hefty amounts of snow from the city's streets.

Booker (D) has filed dozens of reports on his million-plus-follower Twitter feed about recovery efforts, including his own, even responding to individuals who have not had their streets plowed. 

Here are some of his tweets: 

I just doug out ur car. All the best RT @MsXmasBaby: Is there NE city volunteers 2 dig some1 out? I'm going 2 have medical procedure done

Will take some time but we'll b there RT @michaelsantos: Abington Ave near N 11th & N 10th needs 2 be plowed. Cars are stuck left and right.

Just freed a med transport van here at Cottage Place in Central Ward. Private contractor needs 2 be arrested 4 leaving these folks stranded

Down in the state capitol of Trenton, Gov. Chris Christie (R) has taken criticism for being on vacation during the storm. But his office has pushed back, saying the governor is coordinating relief efforts with the acting governor, state Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D). 

"All emergency services of the state are functioning as expected under the circumstances and as they normally would," Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said.