Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said it was "appalling" that President Obama had threatened to veto the Republicans’ latest continuing resolution.

In back-to-back messages, Palin tweeted:

Appalling Commander in Chief action: Announce veto of troop funding in time of war. Troops sacrificing life & limb & he plays politics at...

....their expense. UNBELIVEABLE. Memo to the President: Insurgents won't stop & wait for govt shutdown to end before resuming actions.

House Republicans passed a bill Friday that would fund the government for another week, and would also fund the troops through the reminder of the fiscal year, effectively eliminating the military from consideration in the ongoing 2011 budget debate.

The measure is considered dead-on-arrival in the Senate, where Democrats oppose the nature of cuts in the bill as well as some of the policy language on abortion. The president said he would veto it.

The president, along with many Democrats in the House, has maintained the party will only agree to a “clean” short-term spending plan that would allow those on both sides of the aisle more time to make decisions on what would be included in a final budget bill.

The current resolution funding the government expires at midnight.