House Republicans are encouraging members of Congress to keep using social media, despite the negative impact of recent attention on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) Twitter use.

Although a survey last week found that politicians have reduced their Twitter use since Weiner's indiscretions came to light primarily through social media, the GOP 2011 New Media Challenge is still going strong.

The contest, intended to encourage members of Congress to connect with constituents through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, entered its Final Four round on Monday.

The top four contenders are battling it out for Twitter followers, Facebook "likes" and YouTube video views this week. The champion and second-place winner will be chosen June 24 from a group that pits veterans and freshmen competitors against each other for the top-two bracket. Last year's challenge winner Rep. John Fleming (La.) faces off in head-to-head competition with freshman Rep. Allen West (Fla.), who won the top seeded slot in the competition's original qualifying round, and the House Small Business Committee will directly compete against freshman Rep. Tim Griffin (Ark.).

The contest is not cumulative, so expect plenty of appeals on all three networks such as Fleming's personal request for subscribers on YouTube or West's tweet on Wednesday afternoon:

You've all helped land me in the Final 4 of the House GOP New Media Challenge. Lets win! Pls share my social media links with friends...