Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) is urging more government spending — on brain research, at least.

Gingrich, who's made a number of speeches and references to the need to boost research into Alzheimer's, made a push for more spending on Twitter.

He tweeted:

I am a conservative w/ clear track record of cutting spending but brain science research is 1 area where we should be spending more.

The former Speaker has said he sees the potential for political advantage in pushing for Alzheimer's research. He explained his reasoning in an interview last week on Fox News.

"Now, that is not what you think, a normal political topic. But when you realize that Alzheimer's is a greater threat than cancer for people over 55. That it affects five-and-a-half million Americans right now. Millions more to come," he said. "Having a candidate for president who is willing to take time to look at something that affects humans that basically is very different from the normal negative add, you know, 30-second commercial approach to politics."