S.E. Cupp, a host on Glenn Beck TV, presided over the debate, which included opening statements, five opening questions from Cupp, individual questions from the public and closing statements — all made through Twitter.

Cupp opened with a question on the debt ceiling, and also hit on spending cuts, jobs, U.S. intervention in Libya, jobs and the role of the Tea Party.

As Pres, if you could enact any policy to fix the economy w/o congressional approval what would it be?Cupp asked in her fourth question.

Responses varied between the six candidates.

Bachmann tweeted: Repeal Obamacare.

Gingrich tweeted: I wouldn’t even if I could b/c congressional passage offers legitimacy of the consent of the governed to the law

Santorum tweeted: Refuse to spend the money to implement Obamacare

Johnson tweeted: Change regulatory & enforcement policies that are preventing common-sense energy dev. Millions of jobs would be created.

Cain tweeted: I would reduce the regulatory authority of executive agencies in order to ease burdens on businesses.

McCotter tweeted: A Prez must not infringe upon the Constitutionally prescribed pwrs of the separate,equal branch o gov,be it the Congress

The event lasted 90 minutes. Stockton said more than 20,000 clicked on the livestream commentary show taking place throughout the event, hosted by conservative radio personality Rusty Humphries. The site’s servers crashed briefly at the beginning of the event, but organizers were able to use a backup server to continue in real time, Stockton said.

Cupp said the debate averaged 180 tweets per minute, over 3800 mentions and over 4500 RTs.

A timeline of the event tweets is available at 140townhall.com. Host organization TheTeaParty.net describes itself as a central location for Tea Party activists funded by the nonprofit Stop This Insanity Inc.