House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) himself could be the solution to the nations debt crisis, or so one Hollywood star says.

Actor and comedian Denis Leary suggested on his Twitter feed that enough customers would pay to throw things at Cantor that America could pay down the federal debt with the earnings.

Leary tweeted:

4 words: Eric Cantor Dunk Tank. #death2thedebt

Cantor replied:

Im Honored.

Cantor has taken some heat for his part in the ongoing deficit negotiations, with some characterizing him as the hardliner stirring up division within the Republican party by refusing to compromise.

Leary used the Twitter hashtag #death2thedebt on Wednesday to tweet out several potential solutions to  the ongoing deficit debate — most of them not flattering to Republicans.

The Massachusetts native, who has described himself in the past as a Kennedy Democrat who became cynical about both parties, had other ideas for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Rep. Michele Bachmanns (R-Minn) husband Marcus.

@denisleary: Have Marcus Bachmann start a Pray Away The Pay clinic
@denisleary: Send Boehner to China — after 2 days of his whining & crying theyll wipe out what we owe just to shut him up.

Leary has been best known recently for his TV series Rescue Me, which airs on the FX network.