Rep. Allen West must be a big believer in those belated birthday cards that Hallmark sells.

The Republican congressman from Florida emailed and tweeted a message to supporters on Friday, writing, “Happy 50th Birthday Mr. President!” Only problem? President Obama turned 50 on Thursday, making West’s email a day late to the party.

But the president probably won’t be too bummed if West’s less-than-punctual greeting doesn’t find its way into his inbox.

West’s message states, “While surprises are for birthdays, it is no surprise to the American people that your failed economic policies — from TARP to your health care bill — have resulted in disaster for our economy.”

The freshman member ends the email by writing, “The best present you can give the American people will be for you and your failed economic policies to be defeated in November of 2012.”

As far as the birthday message email goes, West’s communications director, Angela Sachitano, said, “We’re very aware [President Obama’s] birthday was yesterday. It was all over the news.” Sachitano contends that the seemingly backhanded birthday card was sent out a day late on purpose, saying, “We waited until the jobs report came out.”