Business magnate Donald Trump called a potential meeting with Jon Huntsman a "waste" because the former Utah governor has "zero chance" of winning the Republican nomination for president.

"@JonHuntsman has zero chance of getting the nomination. Whoever said I wanted to meet him? Time is money and I don't waste mine," Trump tweeted on Thursday.

Trump has recently met with both Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), who have been leading the Republican field in most Republican primary polls.

Trump is also set to meet with businessman Herman Cain, another Republican presidential hopeful, who recently won the high-profile Republican straw poll in Florida.

Trump said he plans to weigh in on the Republican field with an endorsement once he settles on a candidate.

Huntsman himself has seen an upswing in a few recent polls, albeit a modest one, with two polls showing him in double-digits in New Hampshire and one more recent one showing him gaining a few percentage points among Republican voters. 

In response to the brush-off, Huntsman's campaign said the governor wasn't focused on winning over Trump's support. 

"Unlike Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, Governor Huntsman isn't wasting his time with Presidential Apprentice, his focus is on real solutions to fix our nation's economy," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said in an email to The Hill. 

—This story was updated at 11:56 a.m.