The chairman of the House Oversight Committee pressed Ford Motor Company through social media to answer his questions on a recent, controversial advertisement by the company.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) sent a letter to the company Thursday expressing interest in reports that the company had been pressured by the White House to pull an ad critical of the auto bailout.

Ford denied the report, but Issa asked the company to respond to six questions in order "to assist the Committee in its oversight efforts."

Issa also asked whether the company temporarily pulled the ad from its YouTube page. The company responded on their official Twitter feed: "The ad remains online."

"@Ford: nice tweeting, but you didn't answer any official @GOPOversight QUESTIONS," Issa tweeted in response.

The Twitter back-and-forth continued with Issa using the hashtag #unansweredquestions.

View the ad causing all the controversy below: