Conservatives spent Wednesday mocking an advertisement that President Obama’s Organizing for Action group used to promote healthcare.

Obama's OFA account tweeted a link to a photo of a teenage boy sitting in pajamas, drinking from a mug.

“How do you plan to spend the cold days of December?” OFA tweeted.

“Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about health insurance,” the ad says.

The Heritage Foundation reproduced several different versions of the ad to knock the OFA campaign.

“Drink cocoa. Lie about health care. All is right in my Christmas jammies. #StopObamaCare,” one of the ads said.

David Freddoso, editor of the Conservative Intelligence Briefing and columnist for the Washington Examiner, said the onesie is the “proposed compromise on free birth control.”

One woman said she’s spending December not signing up for ObamaCare.

One Twitter user joked that Obama appeals to the “core grown man in a onesie demographic.”

“If this is the typical American male, we’re in big trouble,” another one tweeted.