The Boston Red Sox on Wednesday commended White House press secretary Jay Carney’s "scruff."

The team’s Twitter account asked if the press secretary was cultivating a beard similar to Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia’s, dubbed “sick flow.”

The Red Sox began growing beards during spring training last year, sporting them all the way to their World Series win in October.

After the Red Sox won the title, Carney wore a baseball cap into the briefing room to congratulate the team. He said he had been convinced not to wear a beard out as well.

“It was very distinguished but not very Red Sox-ian,” he said at the time.

However, Carney entered the briefing room this week with a new beard from his winter vacation.

Carney said he couldn’t go wrong emulating the player, getting in a plug for White House deputy senior advisor David Simas — who grew up outside of Boston.

Last year, the baseball team came out with a list of the players' beard names ahead of “dollar beard night.”