"I suspect that the voices of the people who are responding to the hashtag '40dollars' that we started yesterday are representative of the folks all around the country for whom $40 a paycheck is a big deal," Carney continued.

The White House has been using social media to lean on Congress over payroll tax cut legislation, which President Obama, Democrats and Republicans all want to extend but has been held up in the House by debate over pay-fors and the duration of the extension.

"Amazing to read how #40dollars less in each paycheck would affect middle-class Americans. Check it out & RT best ones (we certainly are!)," the White House account tweeted Wednesday.

The current payroll tax cut program is set to expire at the end of the year.

Both the official White House Twitter account and Obama's account, which is run by his reelection campaign, have been retweeting some of the responses to the ongoing digital campaign since Tuesday.