It appears that Ron Paul did not appreciate being likened to a character from the "Twilight Zone."

The Texas congressman sent Republican rival Jon Huntsman a sarcastic tweet deriding his Iowa performance while voters were casting ballots Tuesday night. Oddly, the tweet was quickly deleted but then reposted about 35 minutes later, perhaps because of media coverage noting that the message had been pulled back.

"We found your one Iowa voter, he's in Linn precinct 5 you might want to call him and say thanks," said the tweet addressed to Huntsman's Twitter account.

Huntsman is not competing in the Iowa caucuses but concentrating on the New Hampshire primary.

On Sunday, Huntsman's campaign released a Web video using theme music from the sci-fi series to imply that Paul has a history of outlandish statements.

"I don't believe that he can put together enough mainstream support to be successful, and that is increasingly the question that is being asked," Huntsman told Fox News.

Paul slapped back at Huntsman during an interview Sunday on CNN.

"I would say I'm pretty mainstream," Paul said. "I think the people who are attacking me right now are the ones who can't defend their records."