On Friday, Facebook will to a new format that includes a large “cover” photo, so the pressure is on to select a photo that best represents the member and the office.

Many of the members who still haven’t made the switch are still looking for the perfect photo, and asking Facebook followers to send in their original snapshots from home. Most are also posting submissions to a Facebook album, and they are gathering an impressive collection of nature scenes ranging from beaches in Delaware, Virginia and California to forests in West Virginia.

Capps, who started early on March 14 with her photo contest, is looking for a photo that "shows the beauty of the Central Coast and all of its natural treasures." McHenry put out a call specifically for amateur Virginia photographers to submit their photos for his “Vote My Cover Photo Contest.”

Rockefeller had already received 125 pictures as of Wednesday, so the hardest part of the transition for his office might be choosing which scenic view of West Virginia to use.

Rigell asked users to help him choose a photo for his page by clicking “like” on their favorites.

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