The Hill: Do you write your own tweets?

A: I write most of the personal tweets. My staff typically live-tweets committee meetings and events. We both pick interesting news stories to tweet about. When they tweet personal quips, they use the "(Staff)" so readers know it's not me.

Q: When did you join Twitter?

A: My staff had a Twitter account for my official office and campaign before I got involved. My new [communication director] started in September and got me hooked on being a part of the discussion on Twitter and Facebook.

Q: What do you see as the most significant purpose of Twitter for you?

A: I like the immediate feedback from constituents on what I'm doing in D.C. and Arizona. The SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act] feedback was very helpful. I'm told I'm seen as stuffy to those who don't know me well, so I'm hoping by using Twitter, people see that I have a lot of fun with what I do and enjoy it a lot.

Q: Example of a "best" Twitter moment?

A: I recently got a tweet from a young woman whose cousin has a heart condition and needed assistance getting her claim expedited for a surgery she needed. I responded asking for contact information; it was DM'd [direct-messaged] to me, and my office reached out immediately. She later tweeted: "@RepGosar you're my hero and I blogged about it!"

Q: Example of a "worst" Twitter moment?

A: I was in Arizona for the SOTU [State of the Union address] and live-tweeted my reactions to the speech, firing off tweets to a staffer who types a [lot] faster than I do. There were a few times I'd look over to find her looking at me with a parental "No, we're not tweeting that" look. I have had to learn that sarcasm doesn't always translate well in 140 characters.

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